Social Revup

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does your organic social media management service offer?
Our organic social media management service offers strategic planning, content creation, community engagement, and performance analysis to grow your online presence authentically.
Q: Do you guarantee specific results like engagement, leads, or sales?
We focus on delivering impactful outcomes, though specific results like engagement, leads, or sales cannot be guaranteed due to the evolving nature of digital marketing.
Q: Will you respond to messages or comments on our social media profiles?
Yes, we will actively respond to messages and comments on your social media profiles to ensure engagement and foster positive interactions with your audience.
Q: How long does it take to make changes to our content?
It will be done in no time
Q: How do I cancel your services, and what happens upon cancellation?
To cancel our services, simply notify us, and we will guide you through the process. Upon cancellation, any ongoing agreements or commitments will be concluded, and we'll assist with transitioning any necessary assets or information back to you.
Q: What are your operational hours for support?
Monday-Friday 08 am - 05 pm
Q: Will I receive information about timelines upon signing up?
Yes, upon signing up, you will receive detailed information about timelines for the services you've selected, ensuring clear expectations and timely delivery of results.
Q: Do your revisions include both text and graphic changes?
Yes, our revisions encompass both text and graphic changes to ensure comprehensive updates and improvements to your content.

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